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Effective Feedback

Creating a culture that embraces candid feedback is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. In this interactive program we will examine feedback from both perspectives: giving and receiving.
Participants will determine why constructive or ‘negative’ feedback is often either avoided or delivered in a way that is ineffective. Through a series of videos we will discuss the common barriers that are experienced by the receiver. To limit these barriers, effective feedback requires skill, and the application of specific techniques on the part of the giver. On the receiving side, we will discuss how to respond, accept, and apply constructive feedback even if it is given in unkind, or vague fashion. Participants can be confident as they implement these techniques and principles whether they are giving or receiving feedback.

Become skilled at limiting technical triggers that stop helpful dialogue
Discuss and employ eight techniques, that when applied to any difficult conversation, will make it the most beneficial to both giver and receiver – before, during and after dialogue
Learn how giving and receiving feedback effectively will create positive results and develop strong internal relationship

Leadership track
Best as 60-90 minute program or half day workshop
Video and sound capabilities required

“I have been trained numerous times on giving feedback. I expected redundancy in information. However, I really enjoyed the session. Thank you! You presented the content in a very unique manner. Great job!” – JHU employee
“This was the best session of the event!”
“a wealth of information”
“relevant with practical resources shared”
“helpful skills and techniques for future reference”
“MORE than I expected”
“excellent examples and stories”

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